Starfall: We're devin and Alex Starfall, the median plural system that runs the Plural Café Mastodon instance, and tries to get some other cool stuff done during our free time.

devin starfall (he/him, she/her, zie/zir, or snek/snem): The kind of queer that keeps gatekeepers up at night, and an actual diamondback rattlesnake. Rarely uses capital letters, especially for his name.

Alecto "Alex" Starfall (she/her): Holds down our day job as a mid-level software engineer and writes guides for her favorite Diablo II mod to pass the time.


Matrix Session Keys
Name ID Key
Regulus HRWASXBNFQ h3Ke 7bG8 dVvP cEpp Vdxf re1q 6FnE 8hNz 3KQQ Clh1 A/0
Heze NHOLXPXSBB CWOS ebp0 nO6q qw3z 0tyB QHUw GdXI D5yu WZES sRev qWo

In Element, you can check that these keys match by opening our profile, clicking on the text that says "3 sessions", then clicking on each one and using "Manually Verify by Text" to confirm that the information matches what we show here.