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What are we doing now?

Recent accomplishments

This website is live! The current design is as simple as it gets - one hand-written HMTL5 page, one hand-written stylesheet for it, one hand-written config for the web server, and one cron job to renew our TLS certificate. Expect updates as the desire strikes us; there are definitely a few things we want to bring over from the old version of this site, but one goal is to keep this all written by hand. That may involve rolling our own static site generator fairly quickly.

We brought our late-00s incandescent Maglite into the modern era with a Malkoff drop-in LED upgrade and a glass lens (in 52.1×1.75 mm size). With a couple of low self discharge rechargable batteries, it should be ready to go whenever we need it. This is not a particularly impressive task, but it is now a fairly decent light and not too bright to use indoors. Buying a new LED Maglite directly would probably have been a better use of the money, but we get the warm fuzzies from upgrading outdated equipment and continuing to use it.