We are viperidae and leporidae. Fluorite and bismuth. devin and Alex.

Under various identities, we do:


Matrix Session Keys
Name ID Key
Regulus HRWASXBNFQ h3Ke 7bG8 dVvP cEpp Vdxf re1q 6FnE 8hNz 3KQQ Clh1 A/0
Heze NHOLXPXSBB CWOS ebp0 nO6q qw3z 0tyB QHUw GdXI D5yu WZES sRev qWo

In Element, you can check that these keys match by opening our profile in a chat, clicking on the text that says "2 sessions", then clicking on each one and "Manually Verify by Text". Make sure all the information matches.

Other clients may have a different process, can't help you there.