Mutant Standard has a lot of variations on emoji. Emoji which show people have 53 different skin/fur/scale colors for use. Hand emoji have "hmn", "paw", "clw", and "hoof" variants (not all hoof emoji are available yet), though 5 of the colors are only for human hands and 3 are only available for paws.

On Plural Café and other instances with Mutant Standard emoji, the grey hand emoji like :ms_hand_clw: and person emoji like :ms_mechanic: can be recolored by adding the color codes below. Read the letter(s) in the row and then the number in the column. For instance, lime green has the code l2, so the code for a lime green claw is :ms_hand_clw_l2:.

To see all Mutant Standard emoji (with a color & hand shape picker), use the official site.

1 2 3 mnemonic
r red
d d
o orange
y yellow
l lime
g green
t teal
c cyan
s sky
b blue
v violet
m magenta
p pink
e espresso
k key
hmn-only 1 2 3 4 5 mnemonic
h human
paw-only 1 mnemonic
fe fur espresso
fk fur key
ft fur tan

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