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Matrix Session Keys
Name ID Key
Regulus-Win MICFBFJQIW Xqxr rrLP eLPq 6oAw s8Pz rKxK h+1W 7Ys1 5r6A YDdM xGw
Regulus-Arch WMJLWXFMJS WEAb xoyL sZBN bXp1 MLzQ 1pVu 0tiX Gptr UH6P W5Kv 5/Y
Heze (Updated 2021-08-19) BQURNEHORE wRxA TRRI vDcL q8Vd w31I 7nsS o+DD Qamz 3ROx eQn7 GYA
Sirius Not set up yet

In Element, verifying that these keys match is done by opening our profile (usually by clicking on our avatar in a message or members list) and using "Manually verify by text" or "Use legacy verification" for each session listed here.

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